Out with the Old: The Relationship Habits Singles Should Have Left in 2016

I know we’re barely mid-way through the winter season, but I’m already through with one pair of winter boots. Beaten and stained from the salt, they were not things that I wanted to hold on to anymore. Declaring “this is my last season for these,” helped me think about other things I wanted to get rid of; what I wanted to leave behind as I go forward into 2017.

“A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away.” Ecclesiastes 3:6 KJV

Many of us are believing to meet someone special and enter a meaningful relationship this year. But like those old winter boots, are you holding on to anything that you need to let go of this year so that you can embrace your new season?

From self sabotaging mindsets to trust and rejection issues, what are some things that you’re going to leave behind?

It could be anything that’s keeping you from living up to your full potential in God or keeping you from stepping out on faith. If you recognize it as a bad habit or have conviction about it, it’s that time to let it go and the comfort you have that allows you to hold on to it.

I realize that my tendency to use sarcasm not only was a bit harsh, but it also had the potential to push people away. So recently, I felt really convicted and apologized to a person, becoming more mindful about my tone and more considerate of others’ expressed feelings.

It’s a bad habit, something that was comfortable to me to protect myself from feeling inadequate for being wrong or being vulnerable. Now, how is that going to benefit me in the rest of the year and beyond? It won’t! Thank God for those teachable moments where we can correct what we’re doing wrong…especially when we’ve been praying to get things right.

God wants to replace some things in your life and in your heart with Him, but you have to take that grip off of the old first in order to grab hold of the new things that you want.

It’s not easy but it’s worth the effort to remove the ugliness from your life, your heart, your relationships, so God can restore you and make you new.

Pride, lust, bitterness, fear, doubt, rejection, impatience, selfishness, anger- it doesn’t look good on you anymore!

You may think you’re good or don’t want to let something or even someone go out of fear of change or lack of having what you think you need. God wants to strip us of the things, connections, and thoughts we have that are against His will. God will always provide for you spiritually and naturally, so let’s trust Him more this year.

No need to hold on to things that mean you no good: pride, lust, bitterness, fear, doubt, rejection, impatience, selfishness, anger- it doesn’t look good on you anymore! The new year is here, time to prepare for it by being renewed all over; make room to look, feel and be better!

Hey BMWK family, what’s one area that God has been telling you to let go of in this new year?

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