3 Major Signs That the Man You’re Dating Just Isn’t Trustworthy


Trust is the cornerstone of any good relationship. If you don’t trust your man, it’s a major problem. When I decided to get married, I did it knowing that I truly trusted my man. And I mean “for real” trust, not that fake trust when you say you trust someone but you are still trying to scroll through his text messages kind of trust. I’ve honestly never had the time or energy for that fake trust.

But how do you know if someone is trustworthy?

Time and experience really are the best indicators. We usually get signs every day about whether or not we can trust someone. Unfortunately, we often choose to ignore most of those signs that are telling us the guy in our lives can’t be trusted at all.

But why ignore signs that are there to tell you to run the other way?

Because you want to see the best in people. You don’t want to jump to conclusions. And you believe that most people are inherently good. And those are actually not bad qualities to have. You should be well informed instead of walking around thinking that every guy you meet is a lying fool. But there is a difference between being cautiously optimistic and letting some dude play you for a fool.

Here are 3 signs that your man is not trustworthy. Don’t ignore them!

He’s cheated.

Okay, I hate to say that cheating means someone is automatically a loser because that isn’t true. People make mistakes. But cheating also tells you a lot about someone’s character and whether or not you can trust him.

It’s up to you to decide if you can accept his reason for cheating and if you believe the story about how and why it happened. But when you are in the dating stages and a man cheats, think long and hard about whether or not you truly have a future and if this man is worthy of your love. If he doesn’t respect your enough to stay faithful now, you have to wonder if he will be able to do so years down the line.

He lies about little the things.

Back when I was dating, I would always wonder long and hard about a guy that lied about little things like where he works, how much he makes, where he went to school, and all that stuff. Talk about signs of a pathological liar. A guy that lies about foolish details won’t hesitate to lie to you about the things that truly matter. That’s just a fact. So before you go making excuses for his “little” lies, you should ask yourself if you are okay with big ones because those are sure to follow.

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You can’t depend on him.

Reliability and honesty go hand in hand. If your man tells you that he will do something or he will be there for you, he has to mean it and follow through. His failure to do so should tell you a lot about who he is. If I can’t depend on someone, it tells me that I can’t trust that person because he doesn’t always come through.

Do you want to spend your life worrying about if your man is going to do what he says he will do? Do you always want to wonder how much you can truly depend on him? I know I don’t. I’ve learned that a trustworthy man is often a dependable man. He means what he says and he says what he means.

Ladies…If these signs are consistently popping up in your relationship, don’t just ignore them.  The signs are there for a reason. If the man you are dating shows you that he isn’t trustworthy, don’t be afraid to walk away. Don’t continue to invest time in justifying his behaviors or his “little lies” and move on.

Despite what so many women believe, there is someone out there that is worthy of your trust.

BMWK ladies, what signs do you look out for to determine if your man is trustworthy?

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