T.I. & Tiny Were Supposed To Meet In Divorce Court Today But That Didn’t Happen

This should be interesting. In the midst of their divorce drama, sources have told TMZ that “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” will be renewed for the sixth season. According to sources close to the show, the new season will focus on Tiny and T.I.’s attempts at co-parenting in the midst of their separation.

TMZ  reported that the network wanted to be doe with the show. Instead, it was the Harrises who wanted to keep the party going. Producers were able to convince VH1 executives that the potential relationship drama could draw a huge audience. They agreed and now the family that was likened to the Huxtables will be back on your television screen, with a bit of a twist this time.

While most of last season was filmed separately, source claim that T.I. and Tiny will be together more often for season six and things are expected to be a little strained. Still, sources claim that Tiny is in no rush to get a divorce.

The news seems to corroborate what TMZ reported earlier. That although Tiny filed for divorce, she never served T.I. with the papers. The two were set to appear in court today but the hearing was taken off the calendar the the officials learned that while Tiny filed on December 7,  T.I. never received the papers.

Considering the fact these two spent Valentine’s Day together, we’d be surprised if they dissolved their union.

Who knows how all of this will play out.

Will you watch the sixth season of “T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle”?

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