“I Like To Eat”: Sanaa Lathan On Not Being A “Skinny Girl” In Hollywood

Sanaa Lathan — stunning right?

While promoting her new Fox drama Shots Fired on The Breakfast Club, Lathan responded to rumors that were allegedly out there about the star being pregnant. She shut them down quickly by stating that what people thought was a baby bump in pictures was nothing but a food baby. As jarring as such assumptions can be, Lathan isn’t affected by them because as she put it, she’s never been a skinny girl, and she’s totally fine with that.

Sanaa Lathan

“That was just a meal,” Lathan said, laughing. “You know what? I’m not a skinny girl, never have been a skinny girl. I like to eat. And I’m not going to starve myself. I’m going to live my life. Sometimes they get a bad angle and the blogs are the blogs. People, they like a story for a minute.”

Still she noted that such questions or comments are “annoying” as “no one likes to be called, you know, fat.” But when asked by Charlamagne tha God if such things cause her to curb meals or go hard in the gym in response, Lathan emphatically said no. Instead, she just continues to build up a thicker skin.

“I don’t starve myself ever,” she said. “The thing is, being in this business is such a blessing, but all ya’ll gotta know that it is no joke. The business is hard because all eyes are on you. Everybody’s a critic. As a woman, now it’s like on-duty, off-duty, every picture in the age of social media. I mean, you know. So you have to develop a steel exterior. You have to get to the point where sh-t, you just laugh at sh-t and it just rolls off of you.”

Check out her comments about not being a skinny girl in the industry at the 16:00 mark. She also talks about race and if more opportunities really are becoming available for Black actors and actresses. Check it:

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