As we celebrate Women’s Month, which completes the first quarter of 2017, there is so much happening and so much to look forward to at the same time. How are you feeling so far this year? If you’re not where you think that you should be, I want to give you three ‘marching orders’ to take you up a step or two in life and in your love journey.
But before I do, I must give a shout out to all of the ladies who showed up for our first Man Whisperer event of 2017 in Desoto, Texas! Some of the hot topics that we covered were:

• How being hard vs. soft plays out in our lives;
• What real communication looks like and what it means to become bi-tonal;
• Soft Power: The art of getting want you want and making others feel good about it;
• Fun Dating Tips and;
• The Secrets to becoming a Man Whisperer

Check out videos and photos below.

Marching Into Your Love