Because Mama Said Knock You Out: 10 Cute But Vicious Women’s Boxing Gloves

If you’ve ever taken an actual boxing class, as in the kind with massive heavy bags where they make you wear wraps and gloves, you know that those things are addictive. You can take a day’s full of stress out in a boxing or kickboxing course, or just simply learn how to throw a proper punch in case you have to protect yourself in an unexpected bout of fisticuffs. But if you find yourself a big fan, you will soon learn that there are perks to investing in a pair of your own boxing gloves. Not only can you get a pair that actually fits, feels and looks good, but when you don’t have to share gloves worn by 10 other people in a day, you don’t have to worry about putting on anything that smells like a month’s worth of sweat. But who says boxing gloves can only be the basic black ones or the red ones you always see in the movies? Women’s boxing gloves, and gloves in general, are a lot more colorful these days to match the personalities of the individuals who wear them. And thankfully, when it comes to offerings for women, companies have started moving away from the assumption that ladies only want things in pink. Check out 10 gloves that just so happen to be fierce, but are more than ready for fight night.

Everlast 12 oz Women’s Powerlock Hook/Loop Gloves $45

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves $21

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves $75

Everlast 12 oz Boxing Wrist Wrap Level 1 Training Gloves $28

Adidas Boxing Training Gloves $40

Leopard 10 oz Adult Boxing Gloves $45

Century Brave Boxing Glove $23

women's boxing gloves

Sanabul Essential GEL Boxing, Kickboxing and Training Gloves $26

women's boxing gloves

ProForce Thunder Boxing Gloves in Pink Metallic $37

women's boxing gloves

Everlast 12 oz Women’s Powerlock Training Gloves $50

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