7 Ways to Celebrate Your Marriage


Life is precious and moments are gifts, so it’s important that we all celebrate life’s small and large blessings along the way, as often as possible. And one of those blessings is your marriage. How do you celebrate your marriage, outside of being reminded to do so on holidays and your anniversary?

What couples sometimes forget is how powerful the frequent celebration of love can be in a marriage. One thing I love about my husband is that he makes sure that gift buying and special date nights aren’t reserved for holidays only. He makes it his business to make me feel loved and appreciated.

The great thing about love is that we can celebrate it anytime and all the time. So here are a few suggestions for celebrating your marriage every day:


  1. Have an appreciation day for your spouse. This a day focused on showing your spouse just how much they mean to you. You can purchase a small token of appreciation or schedule a dinner that allows you to share how much they mean to you face to face. You already know how important communication is within a marriage. Can you just imagine how loved your spouse will feel?
  2. Go old school and write your spouse a love letter. In my opinion, these never go out of style. I still have a box of the love letters my husband wrote me when we had a long distance relationship. Love letters allow you to truly express your feelings uninterrupted.
  3. Send flowers, edible arrangements or candy, just because. There doesn’t have to be a special occasion for you to surprise your spouse at work or home with a special delivery. Don’t forget to leave a romantic message on the card.
  4. Make a few small sacrifices. For example, go see that boring movie your spouse has been asking about for the last few weeks. Or take that road trip your spouse has been nagging you about. Marriage is really all about sacrifice, and sometimes you’ll have to make a few. Take a day, or two, or three where you put your spouse’s needs ahead of your own.
  5. Cater to your spouse in a way they’d appreciate. I’m talking cooking their favorite meal and serving them, body massages, foot rubs, and even hair washing. Whatever gesture you can do to show your spouse how special they are, do it.
  6. Make love to your spouse. Remember to at least kiss, hug and touch at some point every day. Don’t wait for the moment to be right or for there to be a special occasion, just make sure intimacy happens.
  7. Brag on your spouse and celebrate your love publicly. If you use social media, share a post that expresses your love for your spouse. If you don’t, find other ways to brag on how amazing your spouse is. You can do it at family gatherings or when you have people over. But let your spouse hear, in front of others, just how you feel.  Celebrate them.                                

Couples, remember life is once and love and relationships are what truly matter. Use every day as an opportunity to celebrate your marriage and your spouse.

BMWK, how do you celebrate your marriage every day?

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