5 Really Good Ways to Support Your Spouse’s Dream


I am a dreamer. I sometimes think up really big ideas but occasionally I lose steam when the process seems to be moving too slowly or I get discouraged. This is why my husband is such a really great match for me. He’s always supportive, realistic and able to see the big picture when I can’t. He knows who he married so he understands what I need as a dreamer.

Dreamers get excited about ideas. They sometimes want things to move along pretty quickly and can sometimes miss key details as a result. They are usually always looking for their big break or that one big idea. Dreamer’s believe anything is possible at anytime. That, of course, can be taxing on the other spouse. Supporting a dreamer requires a special skill and remembering these 5 things will definitely help.

Listen attentively to your dreamer. Whether it’s their first idea or idea number 250, listen attentively. Show them you care about what they care about. Great eye contact, positive body language and asking clarifying questions are a great way to demonstrate you’re listening. It’s also okay to challenge a little bit and ask about details of your spouse’s dream while you’re listening. Your attention and interest will surely inspire your spouse.

Add to your dreamer’s ideas. If it makes sense and is a really good idea, be willing to offer up your help. Perhaps you have an area of expertise that benefits your spouse’s dream.  If so, remind them you can help in that area. Maybe you can even help do research to get the idea moving from concept to implementation.

Support your dreamer. Again, those great ideas are the ones we need to support most. Show up, buy their product, or promote their event. Let your support be obvious. Be your dreamer’s biggest supporter and loudest cheerleader. Step up in areas your spouse needs you most, even before they ask.

Remind your dreamer of their resilience. Dreamers can sometimes become discouraged. Build them up with words of encouragement. Use powerful words and phrases like “You got this!” “This is going to be amazing!” or “I really admire your drive and persistence.” Words carry so much power. Use yours wisely as you encourage your dreamer.

Create a space for your dreamer to dream. You know who you married and you know how it gets when your spouse’s creative juices are flowing. Help them by removing distractions. Watch the children while they create. Or, design a space for them in the home that helps breed creativity. Whatever assists them in being at their best, do that.

Again, dreamers won’t stop dreaming. I’m sure you already know that though.  The 5 suggestions listed above will surely show your love and support, and dreamers often need that more than anything.

BMWK, what are other ways to support a dreaming spouse?

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