Halle Berry: “Stop Sitting Here Spewing Negativity And Complaining” #BlackLivesMatter If You’re Doing Nothing

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If you proclaim Black Lives Matter but don’t do anything to prove they do, Halle Berry has a bone to pick with you. The actress recently spoke about the movement during the Cannes Lions Girls’ Lounge and she had some rather strong words about making sure people are putting action behind their vocal activism:

“In my world, I get so tired of people complaining about, ‘Oh black lives matter,’ and they pontificate and pontificate about it, and I say, ‘Well, what are you doing about that? It may not seem significant to you, but that’s how we start. Have you called your local politicians, have you written a letter?’

“When they say they’ve done nothing, I say, ‘Well, don’t talk to me … because you are part of the problem, because you are sitting here spewing negativity and complaining. I don’t have time for people who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.”

Naturally, that begs the question, what is Halle doing? But since last year, the actress has been urging citizens to get involved in their local government. In the wake of Philando Castille and Alton Sterling’s deaths she vowed to take action and encouraged others to do so as well with this post on Instagram, writing:

“I promise to find ways to get involved and help. Please do the same. You can start by reaching out to your local politicians, legislators & government officials NOW. Let us be heard. God bless all the victims and families of these senseless CRIMES.”

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Sounds like Halle is talking the talk and walking the walk; she just needs a little help.

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