From the Heart of Tweet

Our Girl Tweet may look fabulous on TV and Instagram, but she likes to keep things simple when it comes to life and love. Once sharing,I enjoy just being around my family and my loved ones. It’s just the simple things. I’m an easy date, as someone would say.  I’m a cheap date; I like chillin’ in my sweats, sneakers and t-shirts. I can do that all day.”

(Note to Self:  Be very clear on knowing what kind of date you are.)

By now, we all know that “someone” she’s dating is Pastor Jamal Bryant. But that’s not our focus this week.

On the show, we talked to her about the most important love she’s found before she fell in love this time around — HERSELF.  After years of feeling burned out, lost in the high and crazy life that the music industry brings, Tweet had to retreat in order to recover.   It took her 10 years to resurface.  But in that process, she found God, self-love and worked on repairing her relationship with her protégé and beautiful daughter. Today, she’s a grandma and she’s reconnected to her soul.  Lucky for us, that also includes her music; which of course is on fire.

 Here’s some sage advice straight from Tweet’s heart on how to keep your fire from burning out: “Trust God, Be true to yourself and Never compromise.”

Tune into Café Mocha this week, online or on your radio, to find out exactly what she said about this week’s theme:  Rushing into Relationships.