Girlfriend-on-the Go! 4 Way’s to Keep Your Dating Life on Fire

Is moving too fast when dating an issue for you? Do you get your hopes up too high only to be reminded that he just wants to be “friends” and is not ready for a serious relationship?  It’s normal to be all lovey dovey and caught up during the honeymoon phase, but if so, you can end up rushing into a relationship built on wining, dining, butterflies in your stomach, and sexually involved without enough substance to sustain anything more.

Deya called into Café Mocha this week, to discuss this week’s theme the highs and lows of “Rushing into a Relationship”.

In the meantime, here are four of her “Girlfriend-on-the-Go” tips that will keep you cool, attractive and positioned to close the deal with your new potential boo this summer and beyond:

Date more than one person until it’s clear that you both want to be exclusive. This will help you to:

  • Take your time to learn each person, develop a friendship, and discern what you really like about them without the pressure of them being the “one”.
  • Keep your options open and focus your energy on the person who deserves more of your time and attention.
  • Date and get to know them better without becoming a “friend with benefits.” This works if you don’t have sex before you have clarity on commitment and expectations.  Casual sex can cause you to get confused and emotionally caught up too soon.

Have Fun

  • Learn to laugh, first and foremost at yourself. Nothing is better than learning to be playful.  Have fun and be carefree with the person that you’re attracted to.

Be Flexible

  • Be open to change and make sure you’re not rigid. Go with the flow sometimes. Everything does not always have to go your way. When you learn to be open, things open up for you too.  You may discover something better along the way.

Bring the Element of Surprise

  • Don’t be so predictable. Change it up sometimes, your hair, your style, your approach. It’s easy to take someone for granted or to get bored when they always do everything the same.

If you want more tips on dating, love and relationships contact Deya at info@deyadirect.net .

Deya Direct aka “The Man Whisperer” is Bestselling Author, Multimedia Producer and Personality. She is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach focusing on Personal Development and Relationships.  Her latest book Soft is the New Power is available at: http://amzn.to/285SqHd