Blue Ivy’s First Freestyle Has The Internet Going Nuts

Blue’s freestyle . #444 available on Apple Music & iTunes.

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Earlier this week, might have even been yesterday the Tidal team announced that more unreleased tracks were going to be hitting the interwebs. And one of those tracks was entitled “Blue Ivy Freestyle.”

I was hype just from the title alone.

I know I can’t be the only one who is curious about the life Blue leads. I mean, she seems like an interesting kid with more spunk and flair than a little bit. So, naturally I would love to hear her thoughts over a hot 16 bars.

The freestyle was released yesterday evening and while I wouldn’t necessarily call them coherent thoughts, the result was still entertaining. And Twitter, being the place for hyping Black culture, overexaggeration and extraness, tended to agree.

Listen to the freestyle above (that boom shakalaka is my favorite part) and peep the reaction on the following pages.

Some people are saying that mumble word is ceiling, which is plausible…and profound.

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