How Can We Keep Our Marriage Steamy While Parenting?


Dear Dr. Buckingham,

My husband and I are arguing often because of our parental and marital obligations. We both realize that we have to take care of our 3 children, but we are feeling more distant. Our marriage is slowly fading into the wrong direction. We are having trouble balancing our responsibilities. How Can We Keep Our Marriage Steamy While Parenting?

Wife and Mother


Dear Wife and Mother,

Balancing marital and parental responsibilities is a challenge for many couples. When speaking with couples I remind them that their kids would not exist without them. I offer this simple reminder to encourage them to never allow their union to be second place. This might sound cruel or insensitive regarding their parental responsibilities, but God ordinated marriage so that we could procreate and live in accordance with his law.

Parental responsibilities should not override marital responsibilities. In my book, “99 Ways To Make Your Marriage Last Forever,” I provide couples with strategies that help them sustain the love that built their relationship. Scheduling time to enhance your marriage should be on your priority list just as well as scheduling time to spend with your children.

I truly believe that we make time for things that are important to us. We make time to complete professional obligations and should also make time for marital obligations. You can keep your marriage steamy by making sure that you and your husband schedule date nights and find time to meet each other needs. Time management is the key to sustaining a steamy marriage while parenting.

Having kids is a blessing and so is raising them in a healthy and prosperous marriage.

Best regards,

Dr. Buckingham

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