5 Major Things that Girlfriends Go Through Together

The girlfriend connection can be the glue that makes or breaks us during some of our biggest milestones in life.  Let’s review five and feel free to chime in with your fun stories.


From middle school to a masters degree and more, the friends that we find during this pivotal period often last a lifetime.  School years represent so many firsts for us and the friendships that we build influence how we present ourselves to the world.  Our peers can push us forward or pull us down.  During this time, we study together, pray, party, laugh, fight, eat, grow up, and even grow apart.  I bet you can remember your best friend by the grade and some of your favorite experiences together.  Who was your bestie in the 9th grade?   Might be fun to track her down memory lane and see if you can find her on Facebook; that is unless you’re still in touch, are you?


Thank God for good girlfriends; they are often our saving grace, support and shoulder to cry on during the good and the bad times.  From our first love, birthdays, pregnancy, dates, marriage, divorce, make-up and break-ups, for better or for worse girlfriends are there.

Girlfriends know just what to do during these times. They will bring you wine, chocolate, good advice and/or make you laugh at just the right time to keep you from crying.

At the same time, relationships last for a reason and a season.  That’s why it’s super important to be intentional about the purpose that someone plays in our lives.  Some friendships build us up and some drain us.  Even though we care for our friends, all friendships are not created equal.  Sometimes we change or outgrow one another and as a result the relationship becomes distant.  When this happens remember that change is good and natural.  For the record, you shouldn’t feel guilty if you know a relationship is no longer useful in your life.  Give yourself permission to move forward.  Like ‘ships’ keep it moving.

Health Issues:

Be it cancer, stress, fibroids, food, weight issues, you name it, so often girlfriends are the weaving thread that keep us together.  Good girlfriends are at the house and hospital with you sometimes even when your family can’t be there.


I don’t know about you but even when I didn’t have a date let alone a significant other to bring in the holiday like the New Year, I could always count on one of my girls to be my wing-woman and celebrate with.  Plus, wing-woman stories always make for hilarious memories to be shared.  Which holiday did one of your friends help to make festive?  What’s your favorite holiday to spend with friends, why?


Traveling with your friends can make or break your friendships.  You discover so much about your girls when you are traveling together including their sleeping and hygiene habits, who likes to party too much and who’s the party-pooper, and then there’s the connection factor; you know how some friends are closer to each other or flow better together.  Oftentimes, there’s the oddball who goes left or who gets on everyone’s last nerve.

But one thing is for sure, the bonding and the memories made on a girlfriend’s trip are some for the history books.

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Featured Photo Credit: Essence.com