5 Things Every Boss Chick Must Have!

When it comes to business, unfortunately, it’s not enough to have passion; you must also have a plan in place.  Here are five strong recommendations to help you boss-up, cover your back, and be successful.

Trademark Your Name and Website

It’s critical that you have all rights to your brand name and image.  This includes a website, even if you’re not ready to build a full site yet.

For starters, to register a trademark, go to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website at www.uspto.gov . Make sure someone hasn’t already registered  your desired mark in that database category.

For websites, go to sites like GoDaddy.com and secure your site name. If you wait until your brand becomes a name brand, some will may purchase it and try to sell it back to you.  I once missed my renewal payment for my website url that I purchased for under & $50; and when I went to pay someone had already bought is and tried to sell it back to me for several hundreds dollars.  I choose to rename it Deyadirect.net instead of the original .com.  So do yourself a favor, buy all of the variations.

CPA & Consulting CFO – Yes, you need both for accountability purposes.  It may seem like they are the same but here’s why they are not:

A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant, is a licensed accountant who has passed state education and exam requirements.  Please note, All accountants are not certified.  An Accountant is a general term referring to financial and tax professionals.

An accountant may be less expensive but keep in mind, if you ever have issues with your taxes, only a CPA can represent you for the IRS.

The CFO’s role is to strategically help you with securing financing for your company, cash flow management, budgeting investments and more.

A Coach/Mentor – We all need someone who can help us grow,  keep us accountable and focused on the big picture goal as we navigate  all of the rocky roads wit in the process.  This can be a Life Coach, an Executive Coach or Mentor.  While both a life and business coach work to guide or facilitate you to meet specific goals, the executive coach takes into account the organizational/business climate.  Mentors unlike coaches have more personal interests in your development; they may even be a friend and are more personally involved in your life.

An Attorney – You need a trained eye and mind to review all of your official paperwork before signing anything.  This is not a lesson that you want to learn the hard way because you wanted to save a few pennies. Having good legal representation will protect you and your money in the long run.

Business Account – You need to have your business account separate from your personal account. Get a Business Employer Identity Number (EIN), a unique nine-digit number assigned by the IRS, so that your business is not attached to your personal security number.  This helps to protects you from lawsuits.  If there is a legal matter they will have to go after your business, not your personal savings.  You can apply for it online at www.IRS.gov.

Additionally, by keeping your money separate it helps you budget properly for your business, without compromises your household  finances.

Lucky for you, we’ve got the Budgetnista back on Café Mocha this week, and she’s helping us to get our business together.  In the meantime, check out her blog on tips for running a home-based business: