Video: This Husband’s Reaction to His Bride Has the Internet Spinning!


We love Real Black Love. And, it’s usually never more on display than at a wedding. Do you remember what you thought when you first saw your spouse on your wedding day? One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the moment the bride enters the room. While most people stand and look at the bride, I love to look at the groom looking at the bride. The smile that spreads across his face, or sometimes the tears that roll down his eyes are so moving.

Of course, the groom, looking as dapper as he wanna be, waits for his bride as she walks down the aisle. Filled with anticipation, both he and all in attendance await the moment when he unveils his new bride and plants a hot one on her lips. It’s a moment that, for the bride and groom that last, they will never forget. Well, this video of just such a moment has gone viral for all the right reasons.

BMWK, Do you still feel this way about your spouse? Share what you thought when you first saw your spouse on your wedding day.

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