Being Mary Jane: 3 Signs She Needs to Reconsider Her New Relationship


For the past few weeks on Being Mary Jane, Mary Jane has been initiated into her boyfriend Lee’s world. From a weekend meet and greet with his kids to a kiss on the mouth by his ex-wife Zoe, Mary Jane has experienced Lee’s family in interesting ways.  But the relationship between Lee and Zoe was more than what Mary Jane was expecting.

Zoe’s infidelity with another man led to their divorce and caused Lee to question the validity of marriage. Despite their separation, they remain the best of friends. They are very active in each other’s lives and confide in each other daily.

Currently, Zoe is in a lesbian relationship and has requested for Lee to be a sperm donor and father her love child; so that all her kids will have the same DNA.

While seriously considering this proposition, as an afterthought Lee remembered that there might be a possibility to have a child with Mary Jane; and chose to pursue that option first.


There are so many problems with this storyline that I don’t know where to begin.

First, How can you say you love someone but at the same time even consider fathering a child with someone else you are still in love with?

Secondly, why would you stay around in the relationship when these types of revelations are made?

Thirdly, when do you look past the words and examine the actions and decisions of the person you are in a relationship with and how they will and are affecting you?

Ladies, if your man is even considering fathering a child with his ex-wife, I question if he is really that into you. Although he professes his love to you, his actions show that his heart and priorities lie elsewhere and you should pay attention to the signs and reconsider the relationship and your place in it.

Pay attention to the signs and reconsider the relationship and your place in it.

Why Mary Jane is still in this relationship at this point is beyond me. Maybe that’s why she is giving into the sexual tension between herself and Justin, her producer. Either way, her relationship with Lee isn’t going to last. Outside of his children, Lee’s heart is too crowded with his love for his wife and Mary Jane. Out of the two women, someone will take priority over the other, and in the end, no one really wins.

BMWK, what do you think? Is Mary Jane crazy for staying with Lee?

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