SINGLE LADIES: How to Position Yourself to Be Found


How do you find a good man?

That’s one of the most frequent questions that we hear from our single readers but that’s where the problem comes in.

Instead of looking for ways to find a good man you need to learn how to have a good man find you!

My good friend Natasha Miller has built a movement along with her husband Jamal called Married & Young that is encouraging and equipping single women that want to be married to Godly men.

On Monday, March 20th at 9PM ET she’ll be joined by Kamilah Stevenson and Monica Van Deneede as they break down How to Position Yourself to be Found!

How to Position Yourself to Be Found

On this special training they’ll share how they positioned themselves to be found by their Godly husbands for single women of faith that desire to do the same.

On this training you’ll learn:

  • The difference between being OPEN and compromising.
  • Learn how to position yourself to be recognized by a Godly man.
  • Discover what area of your life may be the reason you keep drawing Mr. Wrong.
  • What to do when you are interested in someone, but not sure if he is interested in you.

Click the link below to register:

This is going to be so powerful that we wanted to share it with our audience because even if you’re not single you have some single friends that need to be on this free online training.

On the same training last Thursday over 10,000 people registered but due to technical limitations only 3,000 people were able to join so it filled up in less than 5 minutes!

This is what they saw…

How to Position Yourself to be Found

That’s why they’ve added this special follow-up training but I know it’s going to fill up again so make sure you register now and join at least 15-20 minutes early that night.

Click the link below to register:

Don’t miss it! This is going to be special! See you Monday night on the training!

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