5 Signs Your Marriage is Going to Be OK


Have you ever gotten to a point in your marriage where you thought you and your spouse would never overcome a certain situation?

So many marriages reach a period of time where the couple may question everything about their union. Stress, disagreements and just life can easily take us to a negative space where we begin to think our marriage just isn’t working.

However, I am here to encourage you. Don’t allow drama and life to interrupt your good thing. Couples can and do overcome some of life’s most difficult hurdles. Usually a couple can come out stronger than ever as a result.

Don’t allow drama and life to interrupt your good thing.

Typically when couples think things can’t get any worse ,there is always a silver lining they forget.
I want to remind you that your marriage is ok, especially when both partners are present and want their marriage to work. Anything is possible when you are in that space.

Here are a few signs, in case you were wondering, your marriage is still good:

You still laugh together…

1. Laughter is always the best medicine. If you are still able to laugh together, you just might be in a good space. Being able to make your partner smile when you’re going through it as a couple is a very promising sign that things aren’t all bad in the relationship. It’s important that couples look for reasons to smile in their marriage in fact. If you look, I’m sure you’ll find some things to smile about and be grateful for.

You still want to be around each other…

2. Wanting to be around each other is another sign that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Not avoiding each other’s presence lets you know that things aren’t that too far gone. Together, you’ll have a greater chance of surviving whatever it is you are experiencing.

You still care…

3. Considering each other’s feelings can only happen when love is still present. Thinking about the impact your words and actions will have on your partner shows they definitely still matter to you. When love truly is still evident, anything can happen.

You are still attracted…

4. Still finding one another attractive is a strong sign your marriage is ok. If your spouse still turns you on, you’re in pretty good shape as a couple. “Turn offs” quickly replace “turn ons” when a couple is at odds. Since it’s usually the first to go, it’s a big deal when you find yourselves still attracted to one another.

You are still passionate…

5. When your partner can still get a reaction out of you shows that you’re still passionate about your relationship. Believe me when someone is done it shows in their actions and how they react to their partner. Emotions, even when they feel a bit uncomfortable, are good for healing to begin in a relationship.

Couples, marriage requires a lot from us. It isn’t always easy, I know. But it’s important to stay hopeful and prayed up. Start looking for the signs that show your marriage is still ok and believe you can get through your current situation.

BMWK, what are some other signs that show your marriage is still okay?

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