Who Do You Think you’re Talking To?

The question and perhaps lesson for us all is what skills and strategies do you have in your communication arsenal? Is it enough or even appropriate to always be on 10, in your feelings and to tell it like it is?

Our Go-to Girlfriend, and author of Soft Is the New Power, Deya gets direct in a series about how we as women of color communicate and key tips and tools to consider.

Point 1:

Everything is not for Everyone

Remember everything is not for everyone’s ear. You can be college educated, an executive, and also be the home girl from around the way. As women, professionals, mothers, wives, and more; we are used to wearing different hats and switching over at the drop of a dime to execute the tasks at hand. Most of us absolutely have the skills; we simply need to appropriate them in the right setting. For example, you’re not going to talk to your man like you would your girlfriends, or speak to your boss like you would your child, or at least you shouldn’t, not if you want to be effective.

Sometimes the concept of ‘I shouldn’t have to change who I am’ is overrated and taken too literally. It’s not about changing the core of your soul or your personality to fit in; it’s more about being proactively engaged in personal and professional growth. Everything is not for everyone. And yes, when it comes to the big picture some things are bigger than you.

@DeyaDirect is your “Man Whisperer” and Go-to-Girlfriend on all things feminine and Fly, with a special place in her heart for love and relationship advice. Married and living in Dallas, Texas, She is the author of Soft is the New Power: Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love & Life (http://amzn.to/2ls4GPd). She can be reached directly at info@deyadirect.net.