Black Music Month: We’re Loving Crooners Who Celebrate Women in their Music – the late Gerald Levert, Charlie Wilson & Joe….

Gerald Levert

Gerald may be gone too soon, but for us his music will last forever.

One of our favorites from this passionate crooner is I’d Give Anything. It serves as a sweet reminder that men really want to fall in love too. They want that safe place with a woman to lay their macho guard down in order to experience true intimacy where they can share their secrets without judgment, show their insecurities and imperfections and despite it all know with confidence that they are loved.

Gerald Levert- I’d Give Anything

Charlie “Uncle Charlie” Wilson

A man understands that his destiny is literally connected to a woman. This is true not only for his own happiness and success, but literally for his name to carry on he needs a woman. We think his hit song “There Goes My Baby” makes the point and says it best, not to mention that it gives us chills down our spines.

Charlie Wilson- There Goes My Baby


Talk about Café Mocha Fine, hello Joe! Ladies, we often want men to automatically ‘get it’ well, most don’t. Joe reminds us that they need guidance and direction. Why, because they “Want to Know” how to please us. Joe sung it best…

Joe- Want to Know