American Beatboxer

The beat goes on for Black Music Month, and this weekend Café Mocha sits down with two men who area part of creating and documenting the powerful history of hip hop in American Beatboxer.  Rich McKeown and The Beat Box King, Rahzel the Legend. You know cohost YoYo was loving it. Make sure you tune in to your radio or online to hear all about it.

American Beatboxer is an award winning feature documentary currently broadcast on Revolt TV and has recently been inducted into the New York University’s Hip Hop Education Center and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives

Pictured: Rich McKeown

Rich McKeown is the producer and co-composer of the project.

Prominently featured in the film is The Beat Box King, Rahzel the Legend, a 2x Grammy Award winner widely recognized as a member of the legendary hip hop band The Roots. Rahzel is a the pioneer of beatboxing, one of the crafts most iconic figures laying the groundwork for the culture to evolve and now recognized as musical art form.

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Pictured: Rahzel the Legend

Rahzel is known for an ability to sing or rap while simultaneously beatboxing, as evidenced in his performances of “Iron Man” and his signature song “If Your Mother Only Knew“.

The cross culture, international impact of this art form is fascinating. Watch the trailer here