The Drama and Struggle is Real

Happy August!  The heat is on literally in the ‘D’ and at the box-office.

The devastation of police brutality and the fight against injustice is just as real today as it was in during the one of the biggest riots in U.S. history dramatized in the new movie Detroit that’s in theaters now.  This weekend on Café Mocha Radio actors Laz Alonzo (Jumping the Broom) and Tyler James (Everybody Hates Chris) have a real talk roundtable discussion with the us about police brutality and how far we have come since the Detroit riots.

The storms of life continue to hit us in so many ways, and if you’re experiencing drama in love or life, our Girlfriend-on-the-Go, Deya Direct has just announced her Life-Coaching specials to help you reset and reclaim your life.

The Dramatics in Detroit

Producer and actor John Boyega from upcoming film Detroit

The movie Detroit is already receiving critical acclaim. It opens nationwide this weekend.

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When is it Time to Ask for Help?

Speaker, Producer, Personality & Amazon Bestselling Author Deya Direct!

When it comes to relationships with self or with others, we all struggle with something right?  But why is it so hard for the independent women to open up and ask for help in order to get what her heart desires so deeply?
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Quotes That Give Us Life!

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