When is it Time to Ask for Help?

If you’ve worn being a strong, independent woman like a badge, but you’re at the point in life where you’ve realized it’s no longer enough, or, maybe it’s too much and something has got to give because you want the balance of not always carrying the load alone; then it may be time to ask for some help. Can you relate?

As you may know, it’s in my heart and soul to help women in particular to be in healthy love relationships with themselves and with others. That is why, I created the Man Whisperer Panel, and it’s why I wrote all three of my books that tackle personal and relationship growth.

With is in mind, I am super excited to share with you that Deya Direct Coaching is officially in business. Yes, I am now officially certified as Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach (EQ).  As defined, emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others, in the moment.  So obviously we can get a lot covered both personally and professionally.

Everyone needs a coach to partner with them to win BIG in the game of life. As independent as you may be, you cannot do it ALL alone.

Just like we work to build our IQ, we must also enhance our EQ.  Lucky for you, I have created SPECIAL SUMMER PRICES for coaching.  I am taking appointments and ready to serve YOU.