Rich and the Ruthless?

The TV diva Drucilla Winters from soap opera The Young and the Restless was a force to be reckoned with. The character was a ballerina-turned-model, and well known for her forward personality and feisty persona.

But Rowell left the role in 2000, but later returned in August 2002.

In 2007, Rowell became unhappy with the soap opera behind the scenes, labeling daytime television and The Young and the Restless as racist for not having enough African American cast and crew. She also argued the directions of her storylines which weren’t heard, prompting her to leave. Within the storyline, Drucilla fell off a cliff and was presumed dead as her body was never found.

Nevertheless, Rowell has openly expressed pleasure and willingness to return; as a result of the character’s strong appeal and popularity, viewers have campaigned for the series to rehire her.

However, CBS has stated that having Drucilla return is not the creative decision they are looking for, which has disappointed fans of the actress.  In 2015, Rowell filed a lawsuit against the soap opera and for retaliation, claiming that she had been blacklisted by the network for speaking out against what she believed was racial discrimination during her time portraying Drucilla.

Not to be ignored, Victoria has a new show titled, The Rich & The Ruthless; The only black owned daytime drama in the industry, also known as “the stories,” is operated by tight fisted, debonair, self-made, AUGUSTUS BARRINGER. When greedy studio executives inform that The Rich and the Ruthless is getting booted off the sound stages for another talk show after twenty years, Augustus Barringer is ready to fight back on another level to stay on the air, even if it means filming his quirky soap opera out of his sleek Hollywood mansion…temporarily. And before moving the company to Jamaica! The Rich and the Ruthless isn’t just a soap-within-a-soap it’s a sudser with soul and a family drama! So get ready for LIGHTS, CAMERA, CALAMITY and CLAWS on The Rich and the Ruthless!

Different show, different station, but the same drama!  We see you Victoria.

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