What’s in the Closet of Your Heart?

Chances are if your closet, let alone your house is in a state of disarray (messiness), experts suggest that it may be a reflection of what’s going on in your heart and mind.  Is your life out of control in a certain area; if so, which one?  Do you feel overwhelmed, maybe your thoughts are blurred?  It could be that you are physically, mentally and emotionally overloaded.  You may also be doing “team too much” or holding on to people, places, or things as a source of comfort.  But, in reality it’s counterproductive; because it’s the holding on that’s actually holding you back.  I know that thought may require a minute or two to pause and soul search.

Could it be that what you thought was a secure approach is actually making you insecure?  Perhaps your expectation for validation outside of yourself is misplaced – Well, that’s an entirely separate conversation.

In order to think more clearly, and in order to make room for what we want and need, at some point, we must clear the way.  Yes, that means letting go of anyone and anything that no longer adds to your life.  Here’s my take on that:

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Deya Direct aka “The Man Whisperer” is Bestselling Author, Multimedia Producer and Personality. She is also a Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach focusing on Personal Development and Relationships.  Her latest book Soft is the New Power is available on Amazon at: http://amzn.to/285SqHd

Featured photo credit: fitlife.tv