This country is taking a turn. While systematic racism and injustice has never left, most of us were, at the very least, comfortable.  Now, because of the outrageously racist climate that has been fueled since the Trump Presidential campaign and most recently, the violence of Charlottesville, VA., we are officially out of our comfort zone.  Hate is on the rise, but can love overcome all of the crazy?

 Wes Bellamy speaks in favor of removing Charlottesville Confederate monuments

 Photo/ Caption Credit: CNN.com

We can no longer pretend that race and racism isn’t a factor.  It’s alive, growing and it is ugly!  For as far as we’ve come, why does it feel like we’ve just witnessed any given devastatingly dangerous racist event of the 1960’s? Even more, why is the President of the United States creating so much divisiveness between the races?  Is he racist, is he crazy, what devil did he do a deal with to win this election – former KKK leader David Duke, Russian President Vladimir Putin; so many unanswered questions.

One interesting question was raised on a recent Facebook post that asked people how they would describe Donald Trump in one word.  Many people struggled to describe him, but one description stood out for me ‘Insecure’.  Insecurity is probably the last word we would expect to describe the leader of the United States of America, but sadly, at first glance, it seemed most appropriate in this case.

Photo Credit: CNN.com

Let’s examine what the word means and the cause and effect of how it makes people act.  According to Dictionary.com, Insecurity is a feeling of uncertainty.

Insecurity is not the same as fear, but it is the consequence and the most common reason for fear to appear.  The term inferiority complex was coined by psychoanalyst Alfred Adler.  According to Adler, people who feel inferior go about their days overcompensating through what he called “striving for superiority.” The only way these inwardly uncertain people can feel happy is by making others decidedly unhappy. To Adler, this striving for superiority lies at the core of neurosis.

Experts see superiority as a feature of narcissistic personality disorder that results in a person’s constant search to boost self-esteem. The two kinds of narcissists are the grandiose (who feel super-entitled) and the vulnerable (who, underneath the bravado, feel weak and helpless).  Clearly characteristics of Trump.

Charlottesville Protest

The insecure person needs to showcase his or her accomplishments.  People who are constantly bragging about their self, their elite success or their fantastic children may very well be doing so to convince themselves that they really do have worth.

My conclusion is that Donald Trump is a narcissist, but he is insecure about his ability to govern.  But since he is an opportunist, he is capitalizing on the fears of white men, in particular, who are afraid that they are losing both power and significance in society as a result of the changing race and power dynamics in society, where by 2020, according the U.S Census Bureau, they will no longer be in the majority.

The lack of jobs and opportunity in this country, combined with these issues, create the perfect storm for insecurity and fear which shows up as self-preservation aka hateful racism.  Donald Trump understands how to manipulate these people. They helped to get him in office, they make him feel legitimate and powerful. This is the atmosphere that makes Donald Trump… Mr. “Insecurity-in-Chief”.

God help us and God bless us as Americans to stand up and fight the hateful and dangerous powers that be.

If love conquers all, we are about to find out just how much we can push through and rising above.