Amazing Kid CEO Teaches Your Children to be Entrepreneurs

Gabby Bows

If you know anything us, you know that we love to hear about kids who are killing it with business and education.  Our kids are our future, and with the state of the world today, it’s good to see that some of our seeds are growing to be dignified young men and women that will pass on a legacy of their own.  

One kid that we’re totally in love with right now is Gabby from GaBBY Bows.  To put it lightly, this South Carolina girl is killing it in the game.  Her and her mother invented the double face, double snap barrette that doesn’t come off or get lost so that moms everywhere can stop throwing money away on hair accessories.

This product is providing a relief to moms everywhere, so it’s safe to say that she’s creating a sustainable and profitable business.

With all of her success, Gabby is now moving on to the next big thing: releasing her own book. That’s right… she’s got her own book at just 10 years old!

Gabby Invents the Perfect Hair Bow is an inspiring book that tells the story of how Gabby invented GaBBY Bows when she was only five years old. With its bright, colorful pages, she tells the story of how she’s had to overcome obstacles while running her business. This book is perfect for aspiring kid entrepreneurs and it’s fitting for both boys and girls.

This is a book that all of our kids can learn from. If you want to teach your children strength, courage, entrepreneurship, and a path to wealth, this book is a good start.

Gabby Bows

BMWK fam, make sure to join us for a special Facebook Live with Gabby herself on Friday, October 13th at 6:30PM EST on the BMWK Facebook page.  

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