3 Ways to Be Happily Single On Purpose


Too many people see being single as a “disease” that needs to be cured rather than a season of life or possibly even a calling for life. Some come right out and say it: “Girl, why are you still single? Can’t you find a man?” Or, “if you weren’t so picky, you would be able to catch a guy.”

Others are much more subtle.

They don’t speak so much of your singleness, but are always trying to hook you up with that guy that they say “you will just love.” All the while you are thinking: “If I need your help, I’ll ask. Until then, stay out of my dating life please.”

Is it possible for me to be single, maybe even stay single, and still be fulfilled in life? The quick answer to that is a resounding “yes.” You may not be married. You may not be dating. You may not even want to be dating. And, you can still be right in the middle of God’s perfect will for you.

Sometimes, it takes a while for people to find their purpose. If you’re single and still unsure of what in the world you’re here for, don’t lose heart. The Apostle Paul writes specifically to those who are not married in 1 Corinthians 7. If you are single, God hasn’t forgotten you. God isn’t overlooking you. In fact, God wants to use you in ways that He cannot use someone who is married. You may or may not be single all of your life. (Either is fine, by the way.) But for this season, while you are unwed, can you be happy? Can you be useful? By all means, yes! Here are three things you can look forward to!

Unexpected Freedom

Single people have a freedom that married people do not. This is not to say that a single individual cannot have a packed schedule. But usually, their schedules are filled with concerns that are limited to themselves alone.

On the other hand, married folks have many concerns that are primarily centered around family. Typically, the unmarried are free from some of those concerns. And, that is liberating. Since they do not carry as many of those responsibilities, you are free to take on other types of commitments. They can do things in ways that married people cannot.

Unencumbered to Serve Others

Single people have a tremendous opportunity to use their freedom to serve others in creative and exciting ways. Whether they choose to work with an established charity or start their own benevolent program, they will find a plethora of events where their hearts and skills are needed.

The good news is that serving other people is the most likely way to happen upon your purpose in life. The unexpected usually happens when you take your eyes off of yourself and begin to think of others.

Unmistakable Happiness

In 1 Corinthians 7:40 Paul ends the passage about being single by saying that the unmarried person is “happier if she stays how she is,” that is, single. Happier? Is that possible? Don’t single people miss out on things? Not if they are walking in obedience to the Lord. Because for each thing that a married person has that a single person doesn’t, there are other things that single people have that married people do not. You can be single and happy.

If you are single, you are not a second class citizen. You are not a second class Christian. If you are walking in obedience to God, He may use your single status in ways that He could not use you if you were married. Until God calls you to something different, stay single. Stay happy. On purpose.

BMWK, are you single and happy?

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