Beauty Of 5: Flattering, Non-Ashy Tinted Moisturizers For Women Of Color

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Source: LumiNola / Getty

Thanks to the Fenty phenomenon of shade-inclusivity, brands have finally started expanding their shade ranges for foundations. It almost seems like we’re seeing a new “40 shades” launch every month, and while some of these brands are pandering to our demands only after being dragged across Black Twitter, it’s still nice to see more options for Black and Brown girls on the market. The shade-expansion trend started with foundations, but now we’re seeing more diversity in concealers, powders, and even primers. There’s still one member of the base makeup fam that’s being left behind, though: tinted moisturizers. Most tinted moisturizer ranges don’t seem to go beyond three or five shades, ranging typically from light or fair to deep (but let’s face it, it’s never really dark enough if you’re dark-skinned). These light-skewing shades end up looking pale, pasty and ashy instead of blending seamlessly into the skin as a moisturizer should! There’s definitely much work yet to be done when it comes to shade expansion for tinted moisturizers, but these five picks are the most flattering options I’ve found for women of color. Swipe through the gallery to shop five non-ashy tinted moisturizers.

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