Beauty Of 5: Mascaras That Will Give You That Lash Extension Look

smear of black mascara

Source: Carol Yepes / Getty

For me, the perfect beat isn’t complete until mascara is applied. There’s no better way to highlight the shape and color of your eyes than by accentuating your lashes. There are tons mascaras out there that promise to be waterproof, add volume, and provide a long wear time, but only a few actually live up to these claims. If you’re on the market for long, gorgeous lashes that give you that lash extension look, check out 5 mascaras you should try right now.

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Too Faced’s Damn Girl Mascara

Launching on June 6th, Too Faced will be releasing a mascara that will keep the girls – forget the boys – talking. The ‘Damn Girl’ mascara has been described as “shamelessness thick” and is said to last for 24 hours. Be sure to visit your local Sephora on June 6th to purchase.

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