Beauty Of 5: The Best After Pool Shampoos And Conditioners For Natural Hair

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There’s no shortage of pool parties or vacays with pool moments for the ‘gram when summer hits, but if you have natural hair and want to take a dive in, there’s a few products you need in your hair care arsenal before you fully submerge your locks.

Chlorine can strip hair of moisture, making it prone to breakage and split ins, so it’s important to take extra care of your tresses to keep them in tip-top shape. At the core of a post-pool, breakage preventing, natural hair care regimen is a clutch shampoo that helps remove chlorine and build-up, and a conditioner that seals moisture back into strands.

Clarifying and moisturizing shampoos are key for natural hair, as are deep conditioners that give an added layer of moisture after a good swim.

Take a peek at our picks for the top five shampoos and conditioners you need for natural hair care after lounging in the pool.

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