Cafe Mocha Travels to the Luxurious SilverSands Grenada

When you think of the Caribbean, many islands come to mind, all special for their unique charm, stunning beaches and above all friendly people. After a flurry of travels as of late, I thought I had all 1.63 million square miles of the Caribbean covered. Boy was I wrong. I had yet to touch the sand and soil of one of its most unspoiled islands; Grenada.

A bucket list destination for many, largely due to its annual carnival experience known as ‘Spice Mas’ and world famous Jouvert, Grenada has been quickly growing in popularity. Warm like their welcoming weather, the people of Grenada have a special spice and energy all their own that I couldn’t get enough of it on my visit. That, along with their rich history will draw you in from the moment you land and have you seriously contemplating extending your stay.

(the carenage boardwalk in downtown St. Georges, Grenada’s capital city)

Known as the Spice Island or ‘Greenz’ depending on who you ask, Grenada lives up to its illustrious charm. From the colorful ‘carenage’ boardwalk and lookout point, the capital city of St. George’s is bustling day and night. Spice markets and roadside famers shops line the streets on the north coast en route to the popular sulfur spas, waterfalls and the famous chocolate factory known as Belmont estate.

Its no surprise stars like Amanda Seales, Yvette Noel-Schure and even Robert Dinero sing Grenada’s praises every chance they get.

I closed out the summer taking in pure Grenada and managed to squeeze in some much needed rejuvenation time at one of the destinations newest and most buzzed about resorts, the SilverSands hotel. Situated on the infamous Grand Anse Beach on Grenada’s west coast, the Silversand is quickly gaining notoriety as a ‘must visit’ luxurious resort in the heart of the eastern Caribbean.

(Taking in the SilverSands record pool, the longest in the Caribbean)

To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting the wow factors that greeted us on every corner of the property and there were plenty of them to go around. So much so that we contemplated extending our stay just to soak up the vibes for a but longer. So let’s dive into a few tips and the show-stopping amenities and get you ready for your next visit to the beautiful spice island of Grenada and one of its premiere resorts, the SilverSands.

  1. Take several dips in their famous double Olympic sized pool. A breathtaking view from the moment you enter the lobby, the pool at the SilverSands is beyond imagination. Holding the record as the longest in the Caribbean (over two Olympic sizes to be exact), you could spend hours at one of their premium poolside cabanas basking in the Grenadian sun. I highly suggest you do just that! There are plenty of instagrammable moments, so pack extra bikinis, your camera and that sunscreen.
  2. Relax and recharge in one of their state of the art villas and suites: The pool set the tone of our stay from the moment was strolled through the lobby but the villa styled rooms stole our attention after that! The resort married the best of luxury, technology and tranquility in their deluxe villas and suites and you can see it from the moment you walk up to their keyless entried doors. All overlooking the famous Grand Anse Beach, these oversized rooms are bigger than most apartments. I found them to be the perfect place to catch up on well-deserved sleep and soak in the oversized bathtubs.
  3. So many food options, enjoy them all. From the poolside eateries to the more sophisticated restaurants on property, SilverSands has options for your every mood. We opted to eat outdoors for most of our stay and took advantage of the chance to have dinner steps away from the sand enjoying the sweet Soca music in the background. Tip: Bring your bathing suit to dinner. After our meals most nights, we ordered cocktails and hung poolside chatting with the locals and enjoying night dips. .
  4. Don’t skip out on spa, indulge away. I’ve luxuriated in a spa or two over the years and the Spa at SilverSands stands high on the list of all around top spa facilities and experiences in the Caribbean. From the steam and ice rooms to the menu of spa services including head to toe massages and facials, you’ll want to give yourself enough space in the day to relax spa side. This is not a spa experience you want to rush through. The warm and attentive staff guided us through the variety of options and we made sure enjoyed spa time to the fullest.Tip: book your service in advance and take advantage of the rainfall showers during your spa day!

    (the luxurious spa at the SilverSands was a dream. Make time to spa and soak it all in on your visit).

  5. Stroll the infamous Grand Anse Beach. With the popular Grand Anse Craft and Spice market just footsteps away, make time to stroll, hang and shop with the locals of Grenada and take a dip. Grand Anse beach is stunning and bustling from end to end. I loved grabbing a local ‘oil down’ meal and a rum cocktail after strolling the strip. You’ll also find plenty of water activities, like kayaking, where you can venture out and swim up to local’s bars along the beachside. Tip: bring small bills and prepare to bargain. You can find Grenada’s world famous vanilla, nutmeg and chocolates for a steal as well as handmade jewelry and head wraps- to which I grabbed plenty of each!

(grab a local “painkiller” cocktail at the local Grand Anse Spice Market)

If you’re looking for a luxury vacation getaway, the SilverSands Hotel checks all the boxes. This was a truly unexpected and unforgettable vacation experience with that sweet Grenadian charm. My advice, book early and make plans to stretch out the days and soak up the vibes for as long as you can. Much like that laid-back island vibe you would expect, this friendly destination has that extra touch sure to keep you coming back year after year.

For more on Grenada, visit. (https://www.puregrenada.com/index.php/about-the-islands/discover-grenada/)

Written by Vanessa James, host of Café Mocha Travels. All opinions are my own.