Café Mocha is “radio from a woman’s perspective” and THE only nationally syndicated show dedicated to women of color. The show’s mission is to create an empowering experience for women via a 360° multi-media approach that includes the radio show, events, digital and social media activations.

With a distinct platform, Café Mocha’s hosts are well respected, trusted personalities Loni Love, YoYo and Angelique Perrin. On a weekly basis they tackle today’s issues, offer social commentary, conduct celebrity interviews, and share inspirational self-help advice; all with the back drop of the best in urban contemporary music!

Café Mocha’s audience is a microcosm of today’s black women

Media kit provided upon request.


Café Mocha is a production of Miles Ahead Broadcasting a subsidiary of Miles Ahead Entertainment.

Miles Ahead Entertainment (MAE), a New Maryland-based consumer lifestyle marketing, event engagement and public relations firm that has developed and launched highly successfully multimedia campaigns for its diverse client base that includes Sprint 4G, Boost Mobile, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo Company, McDonald’s Corporation, United Healthcare, Apollo Theatre and Essence Communications to name a few. MAE has most recently added social media and broadcast marketing integration to its roster of specialized services.